A Leading Provider of Business Process Management (BPM)

Interfacing Technologies Corporation

Company IconOur mission is to empower organizations to efficiently govern business complexity and continuous transformation through process based quality, performance and compliance management solutions.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Interfacing Technologies Corporation is a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software tools that allow business users to model, map and manage business processes and knowledge. Established in 1983 as a supplier of MRP software solutions for small and medium-size aerospace and manufacturing companies, Interfacing leveraged its extensive process knowledge and further evolved into the BPM arena in 1993. With over a decade of Business Process experience, Interfacing is considered a pioneer of the BPM marketplace, providing technology, services and comprehensive solutions to document, model, manage, simulate, analyze, integrate and improve Business Process Management. To-date, Interfacing has served over 300 world-class enterprises and management consulting firms from such diverse industries as energy, finance, and healthcare. Interfacing is recognized for being one of the first of its industry to offer BPM web-enabled solutions.

Interfacing's award winning software products, published under the FirstSTEP and EPC trademarks,are designed for business users and can address a company's BPM needs no matter how small or large. From desktop process modeling to an enterprise-wide, integrated and collaborative process and document management system, Interfacing's products help companies support continuous process improvements, and other management programs such as ISO9000, Six Sigma and ITIL. Interfacing's solutions are highly adaptable to any business situation with particular emphasis in maintaining the natural flow of each organization. The company helps its customers integrate sustainable business processes at their own pace with full process management control.

Interfacing provides a wide range of service and training products to help with the challenge of implementing BPM framework. The company has considerable BPM knowledge and talent that can provide product training to strategic consulting and prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and support.Partneringwith its customers has been an Interfacing staple since day one. Interfacing supports its global clients directly and with a global partnership channel spanning Europe, North/Latin America and Asia/Pacific. Interfacing invites new technology and consultancy companies to join its rewarding partnership program.

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