Industry Tailored BPM Solutions

Business Process Management For Every Industry

Business Process Management is about bringing greater efficiency and success across the entire industry/sector spectrum. Regardless of project or industry type, you can benefit from the increased agility that results from adopting a strong process-centric company culture. Processes form the backbone of any organization or industry, and each has a different story to tell. Click on the below links to learn more about how BPM can benefit your specific industry.


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Communications & Media

Our technology has been an integral tool for streamlining the underlying processes of large-scale communications service providers.

bpm industry


Interfacing has partnered with world-renowned Universities to support education, furthering student knowledge of the technologies that support business.

Business Process Management for Energy


Energy corporations have benefited from our solutions for over a decade, resulting in greater efficiency in workflow management, compliance, and customer support.

Business Process Management for Financials and Banking

Financials & Banking

Financial accountability and efficiency are key driving forces behind business process management. Interfacing has been trusted to enable a number of banking and finance companies align their goals towards greater profit.

Business Process Management for Government and Military

Government / Military

Interfacing has worked with government entities through initiatives on a worldwide scale, from military organizations to revenue agencies. Our projects have dealt with defense organizations and governmental healthcare agencies. The amount of pressure put on Public Service institutions to perform to their highest potential is immense. Maximize your institutions potential by implementing industry tailored BPM solutions.

Business Process Management for Health

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Our commitment to the constant innovation of business process management technology and systems has led to the success of several revolutionary projects within health care service organizations and pharmaceutical giants alike.

Business Process Management for Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Our products are powerful tools for consultants to take advantage of the latest developments in process modeling, allowing them to deliver greater results to clients.

Business Process Management for Manufacturing


Interfacing brings great value to manufacturing industries by increasing operational efficiency and enabling the smooth implementation of compliance programs.

Business Process Management for Port Operations

Port Operations Management

Port Authorities around the world leverage our technology to maximize operational efficiency by managing their processes and risk.