BPM for Government

Government and Military Business Process Management

Government-iconIn today's political climate, the amount of pressure put on government and public service institutions is enormous. The need to maximize inter-agency cooperation and collaboration while at the same time maintain operational security has governments looking for innovative ways to conduct organizational management. In order to tackle these challenges, governments must leverage technology in a way that maximizes efficiency, transparency, and audibility, while providing real-time access to vital information. Business Process Management software allows government agencies to operate at their highest potential.

Interfacing's Enterprise Process Center provides users with a fully collaborative operating environment ensuring access to real-time information – an asset that is absolutely vital for governments to function properly. Response to Hurricane Katrina by the US Government in 2005 was severely hampered by imperfect information and a lack of organizational collaboration and planning. Using BPM software such as the Enterprise Process Center improves crisis response, ensuring that citizen services are delivered in a fast and efficient manner.

Interfacing has worked closely with regional and national government bodies. By using our products, your government body gains the accountability and consistency that the public demands.

  • Ensure Transparency – Know where resources are being used and maintain efficient work habits through effective control of resources. Track changes through the automatic documentation of approvals, resources, changes to policies, contract proposals and security clearances within a fully auditable and secure environment.

  • Create Portable Process Manuals – Map processes to identify resource gaps, analyze government response, and enforce process consistency. Process modeling increases the ability for your government to visualize department processes, and create process links between departments to increase collaboration. Once processes are created, re-use them as a framework for other processes/departments. Automatically print organized and detailed process manuals with little effort.

  • Improve Organizational Management – The EPC allows governments to assign roles to human resources, ensuring ownership of tasks. Remove redundancies within processes at all levels of government. Ensure resources are being used effectively and cut costs. Use EPC's Content Management module to securely store government documentation in a central location. Documents are given a clear purpose when they are linked to processes, and can be changed by multiple employees in a collaborative environment.

  • Improve Crisis Response – Use the EPC to model crisis response to ensure absolute efficiency and organization. With Interfacing's Simulation module, simulate changes to resources and avoid costly mistakes. Increase the effectiveness of standard operating procedures with the EPC by modeling and managing your strategies.

  • Model Government Rules – The EPC's Business Rules Management module formalizes rules and policies. Connecting government rules to processes creates imbedded controls within processes, ensuring the highest level of governance and compliance.

  • Assess Risk – The EPC's Risk Management module allows organizations to identify and mitigate risks. Map your processes, highlighting potential risks associated with each task. Implement controls within processes and maximize risk avoidance – ensuring that your department stays on track.

  • Implement Standard Methodologies – Avoid the need for continual trial and error in improving your agency's operational efficiency. Get a head start by taking advantage of industry standards.


Tight fiscal budgets require governments to ensure maximum operational efficiency. Use the Enterprise Process Center to implement cost cutting measures, streamline processes, and thereby reduce deficits. Identify and mitigate risks, track changes, and maintain absolute control over your processes. EPC allows governments to concentrate on their core competencies - delivering citizen services in a way that will improve relations with the citizens that they serve.

Recent Government Process Management Success Story

Royal Australian Air ForceRAAF – Royal Australian Air Force


  • Obtain ISO 9001 Certification.
  • Transition process documentation from Word and Excel documents to the Enterprise Process Center
  • Enable greater ease of use to help encourage better maintenance of documented processes.
  • Increase overall process clarity for the benefit of internal auditors.


  • Obtained ISO 9001 Certification.
  • No corrective actions were assigned by external auditors.

"The EPC allowed our people to show their processes in an easy to understand format. It fits perfectly with the ISO process approach. Auditors understood the method very easily."

Warren Harrison, Business Improvement Manager
Royal Australian Air Force