Business Process Workflow / Execution

Ensure Process Execution: Business Process Management BPM brings companies the power to implement and control specific business strategies. This value becomes limited when processes are not successfully executed. If employees and IT resources are unable to participate in process execution, company strategy cannot be realized. Dynamic process execution must engage human resources while at the same time orchestrating and invoking supporting IT applications and services.

Workflow Engine

Drive Business Processes with a Workflow Engine:

Unite people, processes, and technology using a workflow engine to automate and manage tasks. Allow your employees and IT systems to work in parallel through transactional information integration that brings work to the desktop of your employees. Execute business strategies by aligning process workflow with a Service Oriented Architecture(SOA). This brings integration-intensive business processes such as data brokerage and system orchestration into alignment with execution through services and integrated IT applications, allowing for end-to-end workflow and processing.

A multi-layered business process framework that engages employees, tasks and IT systems with an integrated workflow engine is required to manage and orchestrate processes from top to bottom. Not only must it provide the ability to model processes that can be efficiently executed by company resources, but it must also include service and application orchestration, as well as a powerful workflow engine to drive work information through IT systems, to the employee desktop.

With the Enterprise Process Center (EPC) proliferates your integration-intensive processes on all levels of company organization. With our support for the most widely accepted industry standards, your workflow can move beyond company lines.  With EPC your company can take advantage of a detail-rich modeling environment that allows you to define execution-ready processes on all levels of company operation. Model processes, assign roles, resources, and services to activities; then send them through our new and fully integrated workflow engine.

The EPC enables both human-centric and system centric workflow. Bring decision intensive processes to life by routing specific information to where it is needed, or execute system-centric processes from end-to-end without using your valuable human resources.

System-Centric BPM Workflow:

Leverage your IT framework in the execution of automated business processes. EPC orchestrates services and network applications to work in managing your information for integration-intensive processes. Full metadata support enforces standard integration of workflow entities and attributes, making it possible to manage work objects as computable information, and bringing the true power of your software services into play.

With EPC, your company can enable straight-through workflow. Our system-centric workflow engine makes effective use of all the details that were defined when your processes were created, allowing for full control over automation, and ensuring that your processes make efficient use of IT resources.

Human-Centric Workflow:

Align processes with the everyday work of your employees by bringing the processes directly to their desktop. EPC routes information to the appropriate employees and allows them to input their work into the system through intuitive and customizable e-forms. These e-forms make the task of data entry simple and intuitive, while maintaining information in defined fields that can be recognized by computer systems and human resources alike.

With EPC, each task is kept up to date and prioritized accordingly, allowing employees to effectively manage their time, and execute their responsibilities according to high-level business strategies.

Interfacing People, Processes and Technology:

With the EPC, your workflow can be mapped to human and system resources, allowing for multidimensional process management that engages all or your company resources. Manage high level processes with the reassurance that they will be executed according to company strategies. Make efficient use of IT systems and human resources, and enforce BPM on all levels of company execution. With the EPC, your processes can be executed from end-to-end.

Leverage Standards in BPM Workflow Execution:

-compliant, ensuring that workflow execution can be managed by a wide range of applications.

Standards Invoked:


Key Benefits:

• Streamline end-to-end execution of people-intensive processes
• Define, build, and control business processes
• Route information via an electronic messaging backbone
• Enforce standard decision points
• Enforce BPM strategies on all levels of company execution
• Effectively utilize IT and human resources

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