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Enterprise Process Governance

Risk Control

Risk & Control


  • Total Risk Management
  • Rules, Controls and Audit Reporting
  • Key Risk & Control Indicators Monitoring


Embedding governance programs within an organization’s day-to-day operations is extremely problematic when risks and process management are treated as independent initiatives. The Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) helps organizations overcome their challenges in ensuring that stated procedures are actually followed. The EPC integrates process management with risks and compliance programs and enforces them across the organization through automation.


Data Loss Risk


The EPC bridges the gap between business operations and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) management to create a sustainable process improvement and governance culture across the organization. Its process-centric approach to enterprise management aligns process improvement and GRC initiatives as ongoing programs rather than as one-time projects, integrating governance, risk, and compliance activities with day-to-day operations. With specific modules dedicated to rules, risks, controls, and audit management that integrate with all aspects of the process lifecycle, the EPC allows organizations to improve operational performance while ensuring compliance with corporate governance policies and external regulatory requirements.


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Modeling SOP documentation

Modeling & SOP Documentation

Risk Control

Performance Intelligence