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EPC, the Leading Operational Intelligence Platform


Performance Intelligence

Performance Intelligence


  • 360 View of Business Performance
  • KPIs Monitoring & Measurement
  • Early-warnings & well-informed Decisions


The Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) is an Operational Intelligence platform that bridges the gap between BPM & BI to increase Business Operations Performance and assist decision making. EPC helps organizations Define, Monitor & Analyze current business performance, take well-informed decisions for business operations and achieve strategic goals and objectives. It is a reliable suite that meets your unique business processes needs, enhance your performance monitoring capabilities and encourage continuous process improvement.


Performance Monitoring

Example of Performance Monitoring Mobile Platform


Implementing a BPM solution without any performance intelligence on the top of the processes is a major restriction to the business growth & success. By including performance monitoring to the Enterprise Process Center®, organization can now sense and respond to threats and opportunities quickly and takes well-informed tactical, operational and strategic decisions. Our Operational Intelligence Platform is a friendly sense-and–respond solution that help Measure and monitor the entire organizational Key Performance Indicators, anticipate problems, identify opportunities and reduce time and cost.



EPC is selected by Gartner as the Leading Operational Intelligence Platform in the market.

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