Value Stream Mapping for Process Discovery

Process discovery is a critical part of a successful BPM initiative. A complete and accurate process map allows analysts to understand how current processes are actually performed in your organization, letting the process discovery team get to the root of process inefficiencies and providing a baseline for process improvement and performance tracking.Business Process Reingeneering


With our Process Discovery program, you will benefit from our consultants’ expertise as they map your processes from scratch or build on existing SOPs through a series of collaborative workshops. During these workshops, we will involve your end-users as well as your process Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in setting process boundaries to ensure that your “as-is” process maps accurately reflect the ways in which employees are completing their tasks.


Importantly, we take an end-to-end, value-stream approach to process discovery. A value stream consists of all the activities required to take a product or service from its conception to end-use. Our workshops, then, are cross-functional: we map your processes from end to end, rather than by department, for a truly holistic view of your operations.


During our Process Discovery program, you will participate in process workshops and review sessions that allow us to capture detailed and accurate information for each process. Our professionals will then do all the legwork for you as they map your processes down to the task level using best-practice BPM methodologies


  • Have your processes expertly mapped down to the task level using BPM best-practices; build confidence in the effectiveness and stability of your processes and promote a culture of continuous process improvement across the organization.
  • Minimize resistance to your BPM program by engaging all of the end-users in its implementation; as they actively participate in the definition and validation of their processes, they will embrace the end-result.
  • Gain an end-to-end, cross-functional view of your processes and organization.
  • Build a repository of standardized processes that can be redeployed across the organization to save time and streamline operations.
  • Improve knowledge retention to respond to the challenges of “baby boom” generation retirement and through periods of employee turnover.
  • Facilitate IT Application selection and deployment (e.g. CRM, ERP) to ensure you select the solution that meets the process needs of your enterprise and accelerate the transition to Workflow with clearly mapped processes.
  • Enhance corporate governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) with visible audit trails by defining Roles and process ownership down to the task level; leverage the RACI framework to meet segregation of duties and other compliance requirements. Contact us for more information on BPM for GRC.
  • Get access to a team of BPM professionals, including a core team, support staff, and a dedicated Interfacing Project Manager and Account Manager, to make sure that your project runs smoothly.

Workshop Methodology

The purpose of our Process Discovery workshops is to enhance process visibility through process mapping. We utilize industry-standard best-practice frameworks and methodologies for a systematic approach to process discovery and documentation. Each workshop will seek to

  • Define the process scope (SIPOC)
  • Map the current (“as-is”) process (BPMN)
  • Identify problem areas and opportunities for process improvement
  • Document the flows of inputs and outputs through the process and related tasks
  • Document Roles and responsibilities (RACI)
  • Identify and map additional process information (Documents, Risks, Controls, etc.)


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Due to the nature of on-site services, the minimum length of our Process Discovery program is 1 week. To maximize the value of the service, we recommend a minimum of 4-6 weeks. More commonly, clients participate in Process Discovery workshops for an average of 12 weeks.

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