Business Process Management Training

Interfacing's Jump-Start BPM Training Program

Interfacing’s BPM Training program is designed to reduce the time and cost of integrating the Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) into your company’s operational infrastructure and jump-start your BPM initiative. Your business process improvement team and process modelers will learn how to fully benefit from the EPC and will receive in-depth training on our best-practice methodologies for conducting effective process discovery workshops.

The EPC is user-friendly and very easy to learn; basic techniques used in one module can be similarly applied in the others. However, learning how to use your new business process management suite to its fullest advantage is the first step towards ensuring the success of your BPM initiative. In just three days, Interfacing’s experienced consultants will give you in-depth training on the EPC’s Web Portal and Modeler clients. We will use real business processes to show you how to manage process and object lifecycles, assign roles and responsibilities, and fully benefit from the EPC’s complete and integrated set of modules.

process training

During two days of Process Training, your Business Process Management team will apply the techniques covered in Product Training, and, with close guidance from our consultants, begin mapping your company’s actual processes in a series of collaborative process discovery workshops. While we are on-site, we will help you improve the processes covered in the workshops, and we’ll give you the tools to continue when we leave. The program is designed to build your team’s confidence by teaching participants how to capture and map a process, as well as techniques for running effective process discovery workshops themselves. The program will conclude with a presentation for management to showcase the program’s accomplishments and recommend a customized BPM strategy.


Benefits of Business Process Management Training Program

  • Fast-track the successful implementation of your BPM program; build confidence in your process mapping abilities and promote a culture of continuous process improvement across the organization.
  • Reduce implementation costs and accelerate ROI.
  • Learn to use the EPC to its fullest advantage; learn EPC best-practices, concepts, and the most effective and efficient uses of its advanced features.
  • Learn how to conduct effective process discovery workshops and how to capture the knowledge required to map your processes down to the task level.
  • Take advantage of having direct, onsite access to our experienced consultants as you begin mapping your processes.
  • Learn industry-standard Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), the most widely-accepted business process documentation methodology in the world, for graphically depicting activity flows.
  • Get access to a team of BPM professionals, including a core team, support staff, and a dedicated Interfacing Project Manager and Account Manager, to make sure that your project runs smoothly.


BPM Training Methodology

The purpose of our Process Training program is to teach you how to facilitate process improvement through process discovery and mapping. Your process modelers will learn to leverage industry-standard best-practice frameworks and methodologies for a systematic approach to process discovery and documentation. With our hands-on approach to process discovery workshops, participants will be asked to


  • Define the process scope (SIPOC)
  • Map the current (“as-is”) process (BPMN)
  • Identify problem areas and opportunities for process improvement
  • Document the flows of inputs and outputs through the process and related tasks
  • Document Roles and responsibilities (RACI)
  • Identify and map additional process information (Documents, Risks, Controls, etc.)



Due to the nature of on-site services, the standard length of our Jump-Start BPM program is 5 days. When possible, we recommend extending the program to allow more time for Process Training. This will ensure that your BPM team members will have the opportunity to conduct workshops themselves, and you will benefit from our expertise as your process modelers begin mapping your company’s processes.

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