Process Framework Audit

Service Description

The Process Framework Audit service offers companies an objective audit and review of their process framework deployment. Designing the framework is one thing, making sure that it is being used and managed properly and that the deployment program is working effectively is another thing. The framework audit service is delivered over the first 6 to 12 months of the process framework deployment. Periodic reviews and audits (monthly) are conducted to make sure your initiative stays on track and that your framework will meet the needs of your company.

Service Value

How does the Process Framework Audit benefit my company? The framework audit ensures that key elements of the process framework deployment are proceeding smoothly, design decisions are being followed and validated, new directions are analyzed and adopted and that the overall execution of the deployment program components are working effectively. This service can help organizations avoid costly framework mistakes and rework and ensure that the framework being deployed will meet the company’s expectations and goals. ITC consultants will recommend adjustments, highlight areas of concern, be used as a sounding board for new ideas, provide insights from other implementations and provide you with the assurance that the framework design will serve your organization’s needs. Periodic review during the crucial first 6 to 12 months of deployment helps ensure the success of your BPM initiative.

Service Components

The Process Framework Audit service consists of the following components:
  • Framework Design Review
  • Sample process audit
  • Deployment Program Execution Review
  • Audit Report and Recommendations

Service Deliverables

At the conclusion of each occurrence of the Process Framework Audit, ITC will create and present an audit report which details:
  • Framework Design Audit Assessment
  • Assessment of Sample Processes
  • Assessment of deployment effectiveness
  • Recommendations, concerns and risks

Typical Service Duration

The Process Framework Audit can normally be completed during first six to 12 months via one-day monthly visits. Smaller scope audits may take as little as 4 business days total, where larger scope assessments can take up to 15 business days total. ITC will tailor the framework audit service to your specific organization and budget.