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What is the Enterprise Process Center® ?

Ranked a leader by Gartner in its latest Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA) MarketGuide, the Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) is an end-to-end BPM suite designed to simplify complex process management initiatives in order to achieve operational performance, apply governance and ensure compliance.


The EPC is a solution that meets any organization’s unique needs and its performance monitoring capabilities encourages continuous process improvement. EPC helps organization model & document Business Processes, monitor and measure Operational Performance, reduce risks & enforce controls and automate tasks & activities.


These are the EPC Business Modules:


Modeling SOP Documentation

Modeling Processes & Documenting SOPs


  • Business Architecture, Modeling & Repository
  • Standard Operating Procedure Management
  • Role & Responsibility Transparency



Performance Intelligence

Performance Monitoring


  • 360 View of Business Performance

  • KPIs Monitoring & Measurement

  • Early-warnings & well-informed decisions



Risk Control

Risk & Control


  • Total Risk Management
  • Rules, Controls and Audit Reporting
  • Key Risk & Control Indicators Monitoring






  • Automate Human Tasks & Remove Errors

  • Business Process Execution & Integration

  • Monitor Process Performance