Technologies That Support Education Systems

Education Process Management

education iconBy uniting Education and Business Process Management, we have made a commitment to driving research forward on the technologies that support our business practices. Our work with universities has fostered a spirit of understanding and knowledge development within the BPM field. Interfacing provides learning opportunities to future business decision makers that will bring greater overall success to the entire field. We offer reduced costs for students and educational institutions, making our powerful tools and technology available to a wide range of future business people.

Interfacing has made it a priority to enable Universities and professors to train future business people in taking advantage of the value of Business Process Management. By using our products as an educational tool, students get hands-on experience with a real world Business Process Management system.

  1. Encourage BPM Research – By talking about process management concepts in a university setting, we help to encourage research into the future of BPM technology.

  2. Real world experience – Students using our software gain the advantage of understanding BPM before entering the workforce.

  3. Process knowledge development – By educating students in the BPM methodologies, we are preparing a stronger workforce who will develop new ideas for maximizing company efficiency.

  4. Special Pricing – We offer special pricing for students and educators.