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Model and Document your Processes with EPC


Modeling SOP Documentation

Business Process Modeling & SOP Documentation


  • Business Architecture, Modeling & Repository
  • Standard Operating Procedure Management
  • Roles & Responsibilites Transparency

The Enterprise Process Center® is designed to simplify complex process management initiatives and achieve Operational Intelligence. The Enterprise Process Center® allows organizations to manage the entire process lifecycle by supporting them in designing, mapping and building flexible processes. It entails the organization of departments, roles, documents, assets, and all other process-related information. Our solution promotes communication as well by establishing two-way communication channels that encourage feedback from the bottom-up.


Business Process Modeling Framework


With EPC you can design and build your processes in the Modeler, publish them to the dynamic user-specific Web Portal, then manage and improve your operations with the EPC’s business intelligence and performance tracking capabilities. Via the collaborative Web Portal, users can post feedback and change requests in web-based discussion forums that promote ongoing process lifecycle management. Reviewers and process owners are notified of change requests automatically via e-mail, and, when improvements are approved, subscribed employees receive automatic e-mail notifications, as well. As such, the EPC promotes a culture of continuous process improvement across the organization.


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